For Author

Dear authors,

Before embarking on the preparation of the manuscript and send it to the editorial board, you need to carefully read the journal’s policy, the conditions of publication and get acquainted with the journal, its publications, and style.

Submission of the manuscript by the authors means automatic agreement with the journal's policy and conditions of publication.

Only those manuscripts should be submitted for publication in the journal that:

  • specified in paragraph 8 of the publication policy;
  • correspond to the profile and scientific level of the journal;
  • not previously published and not submitted for publication in other publications.

The authors are responsible for:

  • views, opinions, results, and conclusions outlined in the submitted manuscripts;
  • the reliability of information in manuscripts, accuracy of names, surnames, and citations;
  • plagiarism, which is regarded as unethical behavior and is unacceptable.

The authors are required to:

  • study the problem of possible conflicts of interests and make sure that they do not exist;
  • communicate with the editors and make edits to the manuscript following the comments of editors and reviewers.

In case of non-compliance with the author's duties, the submitted manuscript is rejected.

Manuscripts are submitted to the editorial office in electronic form in MS Word format (in one file) to the address A scanned copy of the Author Agreement is submitted with a separate file together with the manuscript, and, if necessary, a statement of potential conflict of interest. The editors notify the author (correspondent author) of the receipt of materials but do not guarantee the mandatory acceptance of the manuscript for publication or a very short time for review.

Manuscripts written by a team of authors from different countries have priority during review and publication (if they meet the journal requirements).

All manuscripts submitted for publication in the journal are peer-reviewed in several stages:

  • at the initial stage, the editorial board checks the structure, spelling, compliance of the manuscript with the subject and requirements of the journal in terms of design, volume, submission, plagiarism, etc. If the manuscript does not correspond to the above, it is rejected;
  • at the next stage, the editorial experts determine the potential interest of the submitted manuscript for readers, its importance, and relevance for scholars. Manuscripts that do not meet these criteria, as well as scientifically poor manuscripts, are also rejected without further external peer review;
  • if the manuscript successfully passes the internal expert examination in the journal, it is submitted for external examination (2-3 reviewers) for double-blind review (this means that reviewers do not have any information about the authors’ identity and vice versa).

The reviewer, after considering the materials, can make one of the following decisions:

  1. the manuscript is recommended for publication;
  2. the manuscript can be published, but after the author corrects the reviewer's remarks (with or without a re-review);
  3. the manuscript is not recommended for publication if the material has fundamental shortcomings.

Authors are provided with copies of reviews (anonymously). If the authors receive comments, they eliminate the shortcomings in manuscripts. The authors can also appeal reviewers’ comments, providing their arguments and explanations.

The editor-in-chief of the journal, taking into account the results of the expert verification, adopts a decision to accept the manuscript for publication or to reject the manuscript. The corresponding message is sent to the author (correspondent author).

Royalties and fees. The publication is carried out at the expense of the publisher. No publication fee is expected. There is no charge for publishing manuscripts. Mailing a printed copy of the journal is carried out at the author’s expense.

Copyright and licensing. The authors retain the copyright and grant the “Socio-Cultural Management Journal” the right to publish it for the first time, along with a work licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International Public License, which allows others to share proofreading and initial publication in this journal.

Frequency: 2 times a year. Number 1 (June); Number 2 (December).

Manuscript Requirements, Samples, Examples of Bibliographic Descriptions and References, Author Agreement:

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