State and Current Trends in the Development of Personal Brands in Show Business




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Introduction. Today, Ukraine's economy is going through difficult times, which affects all areas of human activity. Show business, as a sphere of the cultural economy, is experiencing its own specific changes as a result. In this article, we analyse the state of the cultural industries since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, how it has affected personal branding, and what opportunities, threats and trends are inherent in Ukrainian show business today. Purpose and methods. The purpose of the article is to describe the formation specifics of artists' personal brands through the prism of the state and trends of modern show business in Ukraine, directions of its further development, opportunities and challenges. The methodological basis of the study is empirical, dialectical, and systemic approaches; we also use the methods of terminology, abstract and logical, synthesis, analysis, comparison, description, and generalisation. Results. The state and trends of modern Ukrainian show business are revealed. The specifics of personal brand management in today's realities are determined. The cause-and-effect relationships of the current state and trends of show business and their impact on personal branding during the war are analysed. Conclusions. Despite the difficult situation in the economy, new opportunities are opening up for show business along with general threats. The situation requires personal brands (artists) and their teams to work in a meaningful, strategically planned, and comprehensive manner, reviewing and often changing their habits and priorities. However, it should be understood that changes will not happen overnight. It will take years to rebuild Ukraine's cultural and artistic sector to at least pre-war levels, but it also opens up opportunities for modernisation and restructuring of the cultural industry.

Author Biography

Daryna Solonyna, Kyiv National University of Culture and Arts

Master Student


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